How to compare Quality Infrastructure
between countries?

Open data on Quality Infrastructure

The GQII program is an initiative of the independent consulting firms Mesopartner and Analyticar to research and disseminate data on Quality Infrastructure.

By Quality Infrastructure we mean the international system of metrology, standardisation, accreditation and quality-related services (testing, calibration, inspection, verification, training and awareness building) that creates confidence in international trade and contributes to the protection of consumers and the environment.

The GQII is a database and ranking that allows interested persons to compare the quality infrastructure of different countries worldwide.

This website is intended to provide information about the GQII and will be continuously expanded.

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The index

The GQII provides a ranking of the development of Quality Infrastructure worldwide.

The visualisation

The GQII illustrates the links between Quality Infrastructure and other development indicators such as economic performance, competitiveness, economic complexity, export performance and transparency.

The sources

The GQII uses publicly available sources from official Quality Infrastructure Institutions worldwide. We have prepared and standardized the data and validated the data quality.

We want to make Quality Infrastructure data available to users, providers, experts and researchers.

Dr. Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke, Mesopartner

The National Quality Infrastructure is visible and comparable with the GQII at a glance.

Juan José Oteiza Di Matteo, Analyticar

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