GQII 2020

The Global Quality Infrastructure Index (GQII) brings together official data from national and international accreditation, standardisation and metrology bodies and shows the development of quality infrastructure (QI) in 184 economies. The index confirms the strong correlation between developing the national QI and export performance of a country or territory.

The GQII programme is an open initiative to promote QI information transparency and intelligence worldwide. The consulting firms Mesopartner (Germany) and Analyticar (Argentina) are the program’s hosts and built on the collaboration by several QI bodies leaders, international development agencies and experts.

Live Presentation of the GQII Report 2020

Measuring the development and comparison of quality infrastructure in 184 economies worldwide

by Dr Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke and Juan José Oteiza Di Matteo

GQII commented by development organization:

Opening and technical remarks by Dr Barbara Siegmund

Head of UnitSub-Saharan Africa, International Cooperation of PTB

Introductory remarks by Andrea Ulbrich, Trade Policy

Division at the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, BMZ

Experts from various fields in QI who share some comments from their perspective, where they stand, what they understand and what they see in the GQII:

Comments from Accreditation by Mr Emanuele Riva

Director of Certification and Inspection Department in ACCREDIA, the Italian NAB, and IAF Vice-Chair

Comments from Standardization by Ms. Luisa Fernanda Pallares

Special Projects and International Standardisation Manager, ICONTEC, National Standards Body of Colombia

Comments from Metrology by Dr Shanay Rab

Ph.D Research Fellow at National Physical Laboratory /JMI, New Delhi

QI Data and intelligence for development by Dr Ron Josias 

Chairperson African Accreditation Cooperation (AFRAC)

What is the unique contribution of the GQII?

The way forward: New ideas for the GQII programme

The Global Infrastructure Programme is something new and different. The idea is to have Global Quality Infrastructure Index an an open platform for everybody and contribute with this platform to a movement on more evidence base on infrastructure data and analytics. Our goal is that professionals, people from quality infrastructure bodies and the development cooperation work together and find ways of funding.

Improve data collection and include in digitization strategy:

Current situation

  • QI bodies usually provide data only for validation of information
  • Data is usually not machine-readable
  • Prioritisation of trade secrets prevents transparency
  • Information on website is often inconsistent
  • Some data is outdated and does not represent always the true capabilities
  • Data is not always presented in a user-friendly way
  • Useful search functions e.g. by m country or scope are often missing
  • Certificates in PDF attachments are not machine-readable

Potential for improvement

  • QI bodies could make their data available to internal and external statistical use.
  • The quality of data could be improved by developing guidelines for data collection and publication.
  • Regional cooperation could compile data and make it comparable
  • QI data could be a new source of income.
  • Blockchain technology can combine privacy and transparency.
  • The chain of trust can be visualized Bia QI interoperable systems.

The GQII Programm is open and invite you to participate!

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